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Are you interested in becoming a better you?

At Essentially You Counseling and Wellness we believe personal growth is a key component in therapy. While working with one of our licensed therapists you will learn strategies to live the life you want. Creating healthy habits, learning new coping skills and how to communicate your needs are important aspects of personal growth that are key to a productive, healthy life.

Moving through life you may need to learn to adjust to change, whether it be in your personal life, in your relationships or in your career. At times everyone needs assistance in navigating through that change. Our world is changing by the minute and you may need to adapt to a new career or lifestyle to keep up.

Our therapists can help with challenging negative thoughts and beliefs, working on your self-esteem, easing your anxiety or stress, creating positive, life-changing goals, and understanding your emotions as you work on your career and personal growth.

Whatever goals you have for yourself or your career lets work on them together.

Your mental health starts with you. Let us help you on your journey.

(If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room.)