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Codependency – often thought about as the condition of the lost self. Codependency is defined as the state of being mutually reliant, for example, a relationship between two individuals who are emotionally dependent on one another.

Codependency can also be defined as a dysfunctional relationship pattern in which an individual is psychologically dependent on (or controlled by) a person who has an addiction (e.g., alcohol, gambling).

Some of the things that have been found to correlate with codependency include: Low self-esteem; family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, stress.

Other signs of codependency could include: Having a hard time saying no, having poor boundaries, feeling compelled to take care of people, having a need for control especially over others, fixating on mistakes, feeling a need to be liked by everyone, feeling a need to always be in a relationship, having intimacy issues, confusing love and pity, displaying a fear of abandonment.

When we are living in codependency, we can feel there is no way out. Treatment often involves exploring early childhood and family dynamic issues. With experience in codependency recovery the staff at Essentially you Counseling and Wellness Services can help validate your feelings, set realistic expectations for yourself and celebrate your progress, even the baby steps!!

Your mental health starts with you. Let us help you on your journey.

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